Death - Human

Another great release from the now defunct Death (RIP Chuck Schuldiner). This release is filled with melodic pieces to it but it does not lose the heaviness because it's pretty much a mix of melodic and death metal parts. 8 tracks of mind blowing riffs and uniqueness of Chuck's writings. If you are looking for melodic pieces along with death metal mixed in with it then this release is for you.

Chuck's vocals don't really change much throughout the release, as they are pretty much just low-bellowing vox over the awesome music of the record. Paul Masvidal contributes nothing but amazingly clean lead guitar. Such talent on this release it's simply awesome. Plus another awesome production/mixing by the now retired Scott Burns. Everything on this recording seems to flow there's also variety to it as well.

Not just distorted guitar but there's also clean guitar (check out the intro to 'Lack of Comprehension'). Lyrically I'm still in favor of 'Individual Thought Patterns' (1993), but 'Human' makes up for that with just awesome talent in the songwriting and entire execution.

If you have never heard 'Human' check out these tracks to begin with: 'Vacant Planets', 'Lack of Comprehension' and 'Suicide Machine'. If these aren't enough to please you then you sure as hell are missing out of one damn awesome release of an album.

I'd have to conclude that 'Spiritual Healing' (1990), 'Human', 'Individual Thought Patterns' and 'Symbolic' (1995) are my personally favorite Death releases. It seemed as though Chuck kept getting better after each succeeding recording. Also, on pretty much all Death albums have a different line-up (with some exceptions).

1. Flattening Of Emotions
2. Suicide Machine
3. Together As One
4. Secret Face
5. Lack Of Comprehension
6. See Through Dreams
7. Cosmic Sea
8. Vacant Planets

Relativity Records
Reviewer: Death8699
Aug 8, 2010

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