Death Instincts - Madness 33

Brutal death metal from Russia is nothing new, neither is this release as it came out a while back. The basic formula fits with what you would expect, but there are some mad moments on the snare drum that actually sit out of tune with the remainder of the blusterous mission that plays out. As the release continues, I find little small pieces of the good stuff, but it is the sound that really lets this release down, but in fairness, that shouldn’t really matter looking objectively, but this is hard to do. The music is ok, but it is confusing because of the many abrupt changes of pace and style that lacks any real flow.

‘Heretic Song’ may have tones of groove, I even extend my praise and love for some of the riffs that appear. The bass is well represented in the overall sound, a thankful result as the bass is often lost in such extreme death metal recordings, but the weird and real out of place moment is the machine gun snare drumming before the double pace timing kicks in proper, it’s disjointed, it lacks sustain, it lacks a sense of warmth.

For all the blistering guitar work on show, the drumming simply knocks this release off any higher pedestal that it could have raised itself too, Death Instincts are ok at what they do, but this is more one for the purist underground fan rather than the casual death metal listener as there are too many chops and changes to make this a true memorable death metal album.

  1. Fan Of Jesus
  2. Cured Dreams (One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest)
  3. Angel Of Sorrow
  4. Heretic SoOf Mercy (Euthanasia)
  5. Red Mummy Returns
  6. Sick Of It All
  7. My Last Hour 2