Death - Live In L.A.

One helluv a collection of songs built by the Godfather of death metal, Chuck Schuldiner. As a voice for Death, he chooses to sing in a higher pitch on vocals that reflect Death's last album "The Sound Of Perseverance". On second guitar is Shannon Hamm who illustrates a guitarist that replicates past Death member solos quite vividly. Richard Christy is on drums and Scott Clendenin on bass.

About 80 minutes of a crowd frenzied set, Death is at their best. No one can replicate Chuck's insanely amazing solos and incredibly awesome riff built songs. A mixture of then past and more recent songs. This was after all Death's "The Sound Of Perseverance" tour. The intensity of the live footage is quite immense. The whole band was in sync for every song old and newer.

There stood the figure of a now dead commander of death/progressive metal outputs. Chuck Schuldiner was a legend, both on the set and as a person. Sad to see a man who had all of the potential in the world to give more to the Metal community, but left us at such a young age due to brain cancer. Death "Live In L.A." was a maddening collection of impeccable songs.

The sound quality of the album was top notch. You can hear all of the instruments and vocals vividly. Some of Death's best songs are featured on here and a couple that I thought less highly of. Overall, the performance was amazing. The leads were impeccable by both guitarists. Shannon Hamm had a unique picking style and Chuck was fast and furious with his solos.

Overall, a great performance by all band members. If you're a death metal fan and haven't seen this DVD, get it, it's worth it's weight in gold. You can actually see and hear all of the band member's outputs distinctly. Chuck left this earth too soon but his legacy lives on through his music. Death remains to be the founding group of the death metal genre. No mistaking that.

  1. Intro

  2. The Philosopher

  3. Spirit Crusher

  4. Trapped In A Corner

  5. Scavenger Of Human Sorrow

  6. Crystal Mountain

  7. Flesh And The Power It Holds

  8. Zero Tolerance

  9. Zombie Ritual

  10. Suicide Machine

  11. Together As One

  12. Empty Words

  13. Symbolic

  14. Pull The Plug