Death Rides A Horse - Tree Of Woe

For Those About To Die
Immediately enthralling with stoner tendencies that are powerful, merging with highly charged intensity that interweaves and slightly subdued but contains barbed rhythms and a lilting vocal – who could ask for more?

(A Unified Vision Of A Transgalactic Empire) Open The Gates
Devious and brilliantly played, strong and forceful it twists with a swagger of intricacy and creativity, conjuring up very expressive, addictive and rhythmic build-up – really stupendous track.

Tree Of Woe
Creative chugging starts and a hypnotic intrusion follows.  An imaginative track with that doom laden feel although it never reaches the depths of true doom as it has its nice heavy metal melodic moments giving DRaH their distinct sound.

Beyond The Granite Threshold
Faster and precision played with a beautiful lilting foray of vocals that add to the depths of the track very well. Rhythmically superb, with a superb driving force that adds its own flavour to the mix. Plenty of energy, with emotive and irresistible heavy grooves that in turn unleash superb moments of deeply satisfying edgy rhythms.

This track paves the way for more highly sophisticated rhythms that involve emotive attention and holds a certain suspense for emphasising hard emotions of intense passion.

The Eye
Irresistible lure this will suck you in and leave you breathless. Rich in melodic content and intensely stirring. DRaH make their presence heartfelt and are persistent in their beautifully carved rawness. This is one immense listen.

Fly To The Rainbow (cover Scorpions)
This track takes me back, being an avid Scorpions fan I can hardly complain about this cover. Ida stamps her dark and moody lilting voice on the proceedings with a caressing tone, whilst the guitar is crisp and yet has that echoey resonance the Scorpions created on Fly to the Rainbow.  Eerie and reminiscent of early 70’s hippy, love and peace times, Kenneth and Jens do this track proper justice and embellish it with their precision guitar expertise – amazing!! Even the Scorpions would be proud of this track!

Dominion Of Metal
Here we are being reminded of early Accept – this track fires to life with perfect towering rhythmic grooves and superb vocals. It gnaws at the senses and they react by a good strong nod of the head. Plenty of intense, drenched in solid beats and tempestuous rhythms that sway with enduring energy. It will suck you in with its interesting time changes and melody.

This set of 8 tracks is monumental in delivery, ticks all the boxes musically and is a damn good listen. You can hear the bands influences shining through such as Sabbath, Accept, and Scorpions, but DRaH put their own stamp on the proceedings like with the Scorpions, Fly to the Rainbow it really carves a new path for it and although the Scorpions as they are now could not be classed as Stoner but the earlier Scorpions definitely could. Ida’s vocals are along the same vein as Doro Pesch with that raucous lilt that suits the type of music DRaH portray so it is a win, win situation and sits comfortably in the ears of the listener.

From start to finish the album really grips, is played tightly and offers some amazingly charged tracks. I am hard pushed to pick a favourite as they are all so good with shifting and varied tracks that contain a strong melodic vocal. The band have really made their mark with this album and I will be recommending it to everyone – A highly good listen, produced superbly, with tight grooves, and building rhythms this album has it all in abundance and I for one will be playing this a whole lot more!


  1. For Those About To Die
  2. (A Unified Vision Of A Transgalactic Empire) Open The Gates
  3. Tree Of Woe
  4. Beyond The Granite Threshold
  5. Pantokrator
  6. The Eye
  7. Fly To The Rainbow (cover Scorpions)
  8. Dominion Of Metal