Death Tyrant - Opus De Tyranis

What is your relationship with bands that play black metal with death metal outbursts and melodic interleaves? Well if it is not so good, this is not your band! If the sound of Dissection, and the Swedish back metal sound, makes your ears wet though, you must definitely check this band! I personally am way far from this type of metal, but if I have to be completely sincere and honest with you, I found myself listening to this first full length of those Swedish black metalers, and it didn't ware me off at all. On the contrary, I must admit that it had many interesting sections, that draw attention whether it is a black metal or a death metal or heavy metal fan. It just takes an open mind to let them in.

But let's start from the beginning, which is not so distant for Death Tyrant. Ravagers from Sweden is what they are, but the most of you will probably be familiar with the band that gave birth to them. Death Tyrant came from the ashes of the mighty Swedish Lord Belial, ring any bells? That's right. Death Tyrant are alive since 2010, but their members have serious field experience that goes way back to 1993. This could mean only one thing, that whatever those guys decide to release would be infiltrated with quality, on whatever genre they pick! It appears that black metal wins (their page describes them as blackened death metal, but I really don't see any death metal reference to their music, besides the drumming, that could partially be the choice of a death metal drummer).

"Opus De Tyranis" is their release for 2013, first full length, and there really couldn't be a better start than this. Guitars with a very itchy sound, cut through razor sharp riffs, sometimes just shredding the so familiar to the mid black metal ear, chords, and others just progressing through riffs, with a very distinct bass guitar fattening the whole sound (but not too fat, it's black metal remember?), with a very clever drummer, that knows when he should speed up and when he should slow down, adding the proper drum rolls and fills here and there boosting up the whole album's outcome, and finally a singer that rips his throat mainly black metal-ish, with the typical shrieks that have a great flow, using his voice as an instrument and not just something that will fill a gap. Their composing skills are on a very high level. Their barbarity is often followed by melodic breaks that in some way give the impression that should be there... solos and leads are also found very often, and in general their melodic aspect seems to match up straight with their ferocity, joining forces in a majestic black metal debut that honors their predecessors, and the Swedish sound and scene in general.

Death Tyrant might as well be the answer to those who doubt the skills of a black metal band! Skillful and demanding performance from those old schoolers, combined with great inspiration and love for this sound results, in this epic full length, that really is music beyond genre! Open your minds fellows, and overcome your suspicions and fears with this ferocious piece of Swedish black/death metal. Truly inspiring and possibly one of the year's best in genre for 2013!


1. The Awakening Of Sleeping Gods
2. Pandemonium
3. Ixion - The Fallen King Of The Lapiths
4. Baphomet
5. The End
6. Impending Day Of Wrath
7. Tenebrae
8. A Greater Alliance
9. Wrath And Disgust