Death Vomit - The Prophecy

After long waiting, finally this band can be out and staying far from stagnation with an album “The Prophecy” with new mature concept through Death Metal. And absolutely right, this album has been released by Rottrevore Records from August 2006 and thrown out by Sevared Records this recent time; contenting 9 songs included 1 song from old school band SLAYER that rearranged, i.e. ‘Criminally Insane’. Still faithful with deviance themes, antagonism, felony that melded by idiomatic phrases into the literal direction—very horizontal straight to the way without leaving the groove elements and brutality to the music although more softly. The sound quality is good enough from all mixtures with scream/ middle guttural to the vocal ; technical trapping, drilling  and trashing parts to the guitars ; separated speed, the unpredictable- precious cymbal plays ; strong groovy and fused bass. Some disentanglement, may this album is formed influence from the band musics, those are: DEEDS OF FLESH, SUFFOCATION, DEICIDE, and INTERNAL BLEEDING with own originality. Like to listen ‘Anthem of Hate’, ‘Summon Infernal Spirits’, ‘Hatred Creation’ or ‘Regorging The Decimated’, no defended the accurative beats that bring to the deepest dimension and extremity, then feel the mind after. Although impressed a modesty, this album is one gift to the fans and DEATH VOMIT existence. Are you ready to reel the death and vomit your loneliness until the ending of pain…?

1. Anthem To Hate
2. Flesh And Blood
3. Summon Infernal Spirit
4. Hatred Creation
5. Regorging The Decimated
6. At Your Dying Faith
7. Senseless Revenge
8. Beyond The Black
9. Criminally Insane (cover Slayer)
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 25, 2009

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