Death Wolf - Death Wolf

Death Wolf is mostly another name for members formerly of the horror punk band, Devil's Whorehouse. Originally being a Misfits cover band, the group has evolved into so much more, and with that, taken a lot of Danzig influence to their music. However, expect more than just groovy dark, heavy metal tunes. The band has compiled multiple genres into their self titled debut which should make for an exciting listen for anyone who bothers. In fact, the opening track, "Circle Of Abomination," comes off more as a thrash track similar to something like "Bloodline" from Slayer. It's punkish, but not what fans of Devil's Whorehouse might expect as far as the rhythms go and harsher vocals. However, the darkened tone is there with the chiming bells in the back amongst the solo, adding on for atmosphere. Those looking for the more punk laden tracks would enjoy "Weaving Death" and "Unto Dying Eyes" for its catchy rhythms, fast pace, and increased groove amongst a gritty tone. They are not necessarily as punk-metal as some might hope to hear in the likes of either Darkthrone or NoFX, but Death Wolf hold their own by adding their horror elements to it.

However, listeners should certainly be aware that many of the tracks here are slower, almost gothic heavy metal songs in the vein of- who else- but Danzig. Listening to "The Other Hell" with the almost blues-depressing vocals and switch between heavy chugging, yet easy going riffs and the slower, more melodic parts sounds exactly like Danzig's style, and it works just as well for Death Wolf while not seeming like a rip off. Other tracks like "Ironwood" also crawl along, but seem more like doom metal, because these tracks are extra slow and somewhat minimalistic. Not intent on being the speed hitters like the first track, the guitar tones are drenched in reverb and slowly pushed along while the vocals moan away, almost in a chorus like fashion at parts for an extra echo. It's dark, creepy, and just the way that the 'horror' elements work best while mixing in the Danzig elements. "Ramsvart" is probably the slowest, and darkest, track on the album as it just repeats itself along. Even the vocals have been toned down to a whisper so one can barely hear them, but it sounds very effective for what Death Wolf is trying to accomplish overall. This is certainly a new step for the band, but they are not stepping away from their original style; just improving it.

  1. Circle Of Abomination
  2. Weaving Death
  3. The Other Hell
  4. Morning Czar Shineth
  5. Ironwood
  6. Sword And Flame
  7. Wolf's Pallid Sister
  8. Ramsvart
  9. Unto Dying Eyes
  10. Black Mark
  11. Coming Forth By Night
  12. Dawn Of Flesh

Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Jun 26, 2011

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