Deathblow - Insect Politics

Deathblow's late 2020 release of "Insect Politics" already seizes your attention in advance with some artwork that will no doubt reel you in like you're the biggest fish in the lake. Their trippy display of horror and space entices listeners into their world of thrash meets hardcore, with a hell of a lot of Power Trip meets Municipal Waste worshipping.

The introduction of starting track, 'Brain Bugs' sets the mood for the majority of the record to come. The riffs are punchy, fast and in your face - delivered with a crisp, modern production that completely ignores all former thrash origins - fusing them to adapt to the latter-day trends of technology within music. Vocals are shouted and belted out like a teenager in a frenzy - refusing to tidy their bedroom. These vocal hooks are absolutely monstrous and supply masses of backbone and structure to each individual track, and at no point do these vocals become monotonous throughout - despite sticking with duplications of formulas that majorly confine them to their genre. The mid-placed album title track supplies a quirky sample from Jeff Goldblum's performance from the 1986's classic horror, The Fly. The excitement doesn't end there as the track minces your brain with enormous guitar hooks and a brawny vocal dominance.

The album clocks in at thirty-five minutes, but really it's already over before it's began. It's a whirlwind adventure for the casual metal fan that I'd even argue whatever the preference of genre, this probably has something that would ultimately seduce to your listening pleasures. Whether that's down to the thundering drums, galactic solos, or the thrash-attack vocal performance, there's literally nothing in vain here that any so-called fan of metal could argue a disliking against. And whilst the record as a whole isn't offering anything new to the creativity scale, there's still so much here to have fun with and enjoy in a an easily digestible method.

4 / 5 STARS 


1. Brain Bugs
2. Accelerated Decrepitude
3. Nefarious Ends
4. Insect Politics
5. Convert Or Die!
6. Through The Eyes Of Delusion
7. Agent Zero
8. Behind Closed Doors