Deathcrush - Mutilating The Christian Faith

When you know that Edgar of Disgorge (Mx) did record and produced this album it isn't too difficult to think what Deathcrush does... Right, fucking anti christian brutal death metal!! From the torturing intro till the last second of "Devourment Fucking Christ" your senses are beaten down and made you numb. What a blast! This is what I like the most. Unrelenting riffing with some leads, deep vocals and the blasting drums. Nothing more, nothing less.

1. God Betray
2. Fuck The Shepherd
3. Evil Growing In The Path
4. Faith Mutilator
5. Against The Shit Catolic Church
6. Enslaved Of Death God
7. Devourment Fucking Christ
Iron Blood & Death Corporation
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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