Deathcult - Cult Of The Dragon

Deathcult is nothing short of what this band stands for. Cold, Brutal, Misanthropic-Anti Human Anti Life! And I say AMEN! This Norwegian outfit has dished out 8 songs of pure evil. Proof is in the cover. Aside of the dragons crest-the symbol below it is Lucifer's Sigil. At long last, an album that embodies what I have always held in the heart I wish I had. This release is full of that classic black metal sound, enraged musically with just the right dose of punk and brutality. This is a cd for all of us hopeless bearers of hate and desolation who wish nothing more than the demise of the human race. This is not for the weak-if you feel in your body and soul that life on this planet should be exterminated-then this is your warcry. Eat shit and die, behold the powers of evil. For fans of real black metal-although I dont think this guys give a shit what you are a fan of.

1. New Evil
2. Anti Human - Anti Life
3. Cruel Celestial Spirits
4. Sieg Heil Satan
5. Man Of Kutu
6. Future Denied
7. Desolate And Lucifer
8. Black Metal (The Sign Of Pure Evil)
Dark Essence Records
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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