Deathfall - Reborn

Rimmshot started in 1994 but changed the name in Deathfall in 2005 because they switched from hardcore to more metal. Deathfall releases their album in 2007 called "Reborn". The album is a musical combination of thrash and death metal. Also a slight touch of hardcore can be heard. Hearing the vocals you hear a link to Vader and maybe also musically a connection. Where Vader is more brutal death metal orientaed, Deathfall is more thrash orientated. Groovy songs with fast tempo breaks and raw vocals. Guitars are sort of standard riffing while I hear no sharky leads at all. They need more originiallity as this album is more one of the kind. Don't get me wrong, the band plays some nice tunes but not to stick above the average.

1. Kings Of Pain
2. The Dark Age
3. Why? (The Massacre Of Innocence)
4. Break The Machine
5. Concrete Jungle
6. The Storm
7. So Lost Soul
8. Hannibal
9. Bloodstained Ground
10. Reborn
Burning Star Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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