Deathguy - Concentrate The Annihilation

Deathguy are three guys from Thailand. If you see the bandpic you see Murder Corporation and so you know what to expect. Hyper, brutal blasting death metal. Gutteral vocals, continously changing short guitarriffing and drums. Short songs that pushes the aural assault to the max. It is all murder, devastation, violence, brutal devouring and that is what we like. Ending with an Impetigo cover makes the annihilation complete. Not aiming for a prize for originality but to be the most brutal band from Thailand. And they succeed.

1. Hell dominion (reign beyond suffering)
2. Degust the blood (sadistic cannibal meal)
3. Anathematic damnation (the fertilization of damn)
4. Beheader (human head collection)
5. Necronivora (silent murderous supremacy)
6. Awake from within (cardiac excavation)
7. Tyrant (decaying of all civilizations)
8. The beast (characteristic of devourer)
9. Cannibal lust
Vrykoblast Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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