Deathing - All Hail The Decay

“All Hail The Decay” is the debut EP from Finland’s death metal outfit Deathing. The music is a bit brief but tries to shy away from typical death metal groups like Six Feet Under, Entombed, or Nile and go their own route. Their style is more like chugging, thrash oriented death metal but not quite speed thrash death like a group such as Vader would do. The thrash elements are layered in the guitar riffs on tracks like ‘Kings Of Terror’ and ‘Sickness'. These tracks are the staple sound as they are fast, raw and very catchy. Deathing try to avoid the typical blast beat route that makes death metal so popular. The vocals are an interesting tinged shout-snarl that is not standard for death metal, so they bring their own unique quality to the music among the chugging riffs. Other tracks like ‘Dead World Alive’ are a bit more rock oriented and from the back and forth pace feel more like typical heavy metal. There is even some rough singing mixed in which throws a bit of a curve ball to the whole death metal side but brings in something fresh to the music.

There is even a cover of At The Gates at the end with ‘Blinded By Fear'. Deathing add a bit more of a grittier touch but not enough of a buzz saw sound to shred away any melody from the guitars. Vocally, they opt for a more throaty rasp but at times it sounds more tired and raw than powerful and refined, kind of like the higher pitched snarls of early Black Dahlia Murder. Still, it is a nice tribute to a group that has been considered one of the pioneers of melodic death metal. In the end, the EP is brief, but offers a bit of variety that could take Deathing quite far in their career. Their style of death metal is basic, but not dime a dozen. It is raw, but not garage lo fi raw that the music feels undercut. Definitely worth checking out for those who like death metal with catchy riffs and a unique vocal style.

3.5 / 5 STARS 


1. King Of Terror
2. Crash And Burn
3. Dead World Alive
4. Sickness
5. Blinded By Fear (cover At the Gates)