Deathless - The Time To Be Immortal

Debut Full Length from this Spanish Quintet that was almost 5 years in the making. Deathless formed in January 1995, after a 3 song demo, 8 song release, and 1 failed deal, "The Time To Be Immortal" was released in March 2000 on Goldtrack Records. Deathless play a style of Melodic Death Metal that brings back the glory of the good ol' days, sure to appeal to all us fans of early thrash. With another release on the way... we can expect great things from "Deathless".

1. Razing Life
2. Tortures Deep Inside My Mind
3. Two Ways
4. Under Fear
5. Worlds Heartbeat
6. The Price Of Our Wasting Lives
7. Where No Sunshines
8. Law Of Fire
9. Holy Sepulchre
10. Years Later
Self released
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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