Deathmoor - Opus Morte III

Scream out in agony, cry out for your indifference, and simply be cathartic. Why over complicate human pain with complex music or overly intricate artwork. Deathmoor on their third full length, "Opus Mortus III" certainly doesn't but instead conveys an emotion that we've somewhat lost.... purity. It seems a handful of Russian metal bands tackle the dissonant expression so well. 

In a genre ridden with Darkthrone and Bathory worship, Deathmoor gives you something different. While having deep seeded roots in black metal history, they also give you something fresh and quite avant garde. This record will not drive you into the ground and rid you of your flesh. Instead it will allow you to open yourself up and explore new landscapes of sonic expression. Complimenting their excellent use of dissonance with many melodic grooves. The drummer really opens up the feel of the record with his off beat snare hits and minimal blasting. Always refreshing to hear a drummer not overdo the relentless blast beats and suffocate the music. While this album has its intense moments, it's more focused on artistry of song structure. Each track conveys a somewhat subtle difference in texture and emotion. This is why you will go back and listen to this record again and again. The vocals also throw you a breath of fresh air with its intermixed eerie clean vocals. 

Organic, raw and crisp to the spirit. Well balanced dissonance and complexity. Nothing overdone or understated. I hope you fall in this beautiful moor of death just as I did.

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  2. II
  3. III
  4. IV
  5. V
  6. VI

Reviewer: Hollow Lung
Mar 21, 2013

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