Deathraiser - Violent Aggression

These thrashers have pay an uncanny homage to Kreator’s ‘Endless Pain’ debut release; this is what you have in these Brazilian speed junkies. It is fair to say that trash of the raw fast style is common place and is in fact much loved in this part of the Southern Hemisphere, quite a few bands bear their souls to this genre but you have to admire Deathraiser’s pure authentic take on a defining classic sound. That said, don’t expect time changes in the former part of this release, they slow down enough for you to catch your breath, pick up your teeth from a moshpit and have just enough time to get in a few headbanging rages. Quite a few of the caffeine machine similarities come to mind, by this I mean Dark Angel, especially when it comes to ‘Enslaved by Cross’, the solo fits the bill perfectly, there is control within chaos. Dave Rotten’s label never releases rubbish, and once again, Deathraiser fit into the labels roster rather comfortably. The execution of the recording is something that cannot be ignored, when music is played at this pace, technical ability is key, much like the days of old, the good bands shine through by way of talent and finger shredding technical ability, this statement holds true for these Brazilian racers.

‘Violent Aggression’ certainly feels like ’85 or ’86, the band don’t try to make something they are clearly not, nor do they present anything different that has not been heard before, but I have to recommend this on the basis that it takes me back to my youth, this is one of those albums that exhumes breakneck speed matched with its accumulation of aggressive tendencies, this is raw and as the closing track states rather effectively it is a case of ‘Thrash or be Thrashed’. The tsunami is coming in musical terms, if you can keep up with this young pack of speed merchants; you are in for a treat.

  1. Violent Aggression
  2. Annihilation Of Masses
  3. Terminal Disease
  4. Enslaved By Cross
  5. Command To Kill
  6. Killing The World
  7. Oppression Till Death
  8. Lethal Disaster
  9. Thrash Or Be Thrashed

Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 10, 2011

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