Deathred - 18:03:20:888

Deathred is a bit of a unique band for Uruguay that is making ripples through various demos, but can possibly become a new sensation in the instrumental world of Metal. Led by the sole member Alfredo San Martin the music is raw, churning Melodic Death Metal with no vocals at all. Just guitars and the drums. And the unique thing about it is that is all sounds like it was performed live right in a garage or room. Granted, compared to many other solo instrumental artists out there like John 5 who performs in a studio the quality of this recording is pretty terrible, but done on purpose. There is a certain ambiance to hearing the raw, yet intelligible screeches of riffs and notes on a track like "Decoding Unforseen Quantum," though it may seem a bit all over the place. The drums of course are impeccable in their timing and sound- it sounds quite clean in solo moments compared to the raw guitar, but together these contrasts serve well to make the music interesting. Other tracks like "Highest Point In Cosmos" focus on more guitar and riffs- some may sound similar in between tracks- but here listeners unfortunately don't get the joy of variation and it almost feels like a giant chunk of noisecore due to the distortion. Only on the track "Let On To My Infinity" is there a brief moment of clarity right in the opening before the guitar leads into its tailspin of rapid, distorted riffs that are actually sectioned off well so listeners can pick up in between. Overall, Deathred's sound is a bit too raw for most fans to really enjoy, but if one listens closely they can hear the technical beauty behind the Melodic Death Metal style despite all the reverb.

  1. Decoding Unforseen Quantum
  2. On Universe Far Beyond What Before
  3. Highest Point In Cosmos
  4. The Missing Is, Never Returning
  5. Just 18 03 20 888 Clock In The Constellation And Then Following
  6. Let On My To Infinity

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Jun 4, 2012

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