Deathred - Senses Paramount Flowing Into Darkness

For those that know of Deathred, the band is driven by the sole individual of Alfredo San Martin who is becoming more and more renown as he continues to hone his skill is a guitarist. So far there has been a release of two albums so far, and 'Senses' adds for number three. Of course, one important thing to know about Deathred aside from the high Melodic Death Metal factor from the guitar sound is that the entire album plays as one. Even though it is split between several tracks, one could play the entire album in sequence and each song blends quite well together. Just hearing "Fleeing Of The Supernovas" and then "Irrational Meters" seems to make no difference in what order you listen to them. The sound is still very raw and certainly still Melo-Death influenced, although it seems that the band has fused a bit more of a Punk sound to the rhythms whereas before on the sophomore effort the band tried to go for a symphonic influence; honestly the symphonic influence was more effective. Still, the guitars have not lost their touch and even over the raw distorted crackle they present some pretty impressive riffs.

New fans may get a bit tired of the repetitive nature of all the songs- they are all after all meant to blend together and with just one guitar and drums there is only so much that can be done. But, Deathred tries hard to not make the mistakes that were made on the debut album which was just guitar and nothing else playing the same riffs over and over. Lately more and more drum work has been added in, and on the track "Here's Warning..." San Martin shows off some of his better moments. True, if one were to add up all of Alfredo San Martin's albums and play them from start to finish it would seem like a giant oddessy, but the subtle differences can be heard from album to album. In order to be more effective though, Deathred should perhaps make these differences between tracks and influences more and more apparent. More rhythm changes in between, speeding up sections and slowing down, even tossing in some ambient moments would really help make the solo efforts such as this one much more diverse and groundbreaking rather than just hearing the guitar be the focus the entire time with a smattering here and there of drums.

  1. Fleeing Of The Supernova
  2. The Cosmic Vision
  3. Senses Paramount Flowing Into Darkness
  4. Universe Far Beyond What's
  5. Here's Warning Around Native Depths In All Universe
  6. Irrational Meters
  7. Skulls Of The Creatures Over Centuries

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Mar 29, 2013

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