Deathstench - Nekro Blood Ritual

For those looking to experience the creepy feeling of occult music (and not the kvlt Black Metal kind), two man band Deathstench (John Paul Whetzel and Darea Plantin), the debut offering of 'Nekro Blood Ritual' is exactly that: six tracks of ambient occult Dark Metal that would appeal to fans of Gnaw Their Tongues, 'Mort' era Blut Aus Nord, and even that of Sunn O))). This is not conventional music at all, and those who are more used to the basic Deathcore, Black Metal, or even Thrash Metal will find the lack of lyrics and overall very buzzing atmosphere like flies around a dead carcass INCREDIBLY uncomfortable. Each track seeps into the next, feeling like the entire thirty plus minutes could have been lumped together like something from Striborg. Musically, the sounds vary from just rumbling ambient noise and synth to very faded out shrieking vocals, samples of people howling in terror (perfect for an occult setting) and highly distorted guitar that wails along. While it may seem like a ten year old could create this music, it really takes a kind of Horror Metal genius to capture the mood.

The downside? Again, unconventional. Hopping from track to track if one doesn't appreciate the meditative qualities of the music they're going to be bored. Unlike a band like Darkthrone, the music doesnt 'jump out' at the listener and grab them by the throat. Tracks like "Blood On Black Books" slowly suffocate second by second. "Nekrobloodritual" has guitar riffs that sound like flashes of lightning along with vocals that are thick and murmured, or howling in the background like they would on a band like Xasthur. "Desecrating The Host" is the only track that really sounds like it has any rougher Black Metal qualities as it picks up to be a bit louder than the rest, but overall the atmosphere is still very hazy and low key. When played nonstop, the entire album is a thing of nightmares that also offers an insightful look at what creates 'horror soundtracks' today in the Metal world. It takes a special kind of audience to appreciate this kind of darkness, but it takes a special mind to create it also.


  1. Chalice Ov Maggots
  2. Blood On Black Books
  3. Nekrobloodritual
  4. Death Throes
  5. Desecrating The Host
  6. Burning Of Entrails