Deathtale - Apocalyptic Deadline

This is one of the best thing off this job, you get a couple of albums that you have never heard, mostly from bands I have never heard before and before you know it you have a new favourite band blasting out!! This one is no different either, Austrian thrash/death metal band Deathtale who have risen from the ashes from the band Demolition, and mighty glad we are too that they have! This is their first release an eleven track full length that runs for over forty three minutes of a good mix of death and thrash.

The guitarists are both very good indeed with Max on rhythm and Peter on lead, both riffing like madmen, check out “Blood Trail” for a good example of this, a real thrashy cracker! Lead vocalist Jan has a great deep growl for vocals, and they work very well indeed. The band are ably finished with Phillipe on bass and Tom on drums, both who do a great job. I like death and I like thrash so this album is a sweet deal for me as it does combine elements of both and both done very well indeed. The playing is of a real top standard and it shows that some of the band have been together for a long time as they are very tight indeed, as I have said the guitar work is top notch and I like it a lot. I think Demolition were more traditional thrash metal so this is a move in a slightly different direction, although not too much!

The album starts with a shortish intro the title track “Apocalyptic Deadline” and then just kicks it up for the rest of the forty odd minutes. My favourite tracks, hard to choose!, are “Deathtale” which is a really good thrash song and “Suspicious Behaviour” which has a real dark, doomy feel to it, more like death than thrash this one. I like the album a lot and like the direction this band have gone playing a mix of two genres and coming out with their own sound.

All in all this is a very good album and one you should check out as I don’t think you will be disappointed in it, not a bad track on it and several real good ones to check out. I will certainly be looking closely at any more releases from this outfit.


  1. Apocalyptic Deadline
  2. Suffering Rain
  3. Blood Trail
  4. Deathtale
  5. Suspicious Behavoir
  6. O5
  7. Imagine The Pain
  8. Erased
  9. Back In Anger
  10. 15 Dead
  11. This Bullet...