Deathtopia - Caesarian Section

Deathtopia is a band created by people from Japan and the USA, who claim to play "gore metal". In case you don't remember,"Gore Metal" was the title of the debut album of an american band called Exhumed. The link between those two facts is that Deathtopia's music is heavily influenced by the likes of Exhumed, Impaled, Haemorrhage and the band that start it all: Carcass.

What is clear from the first tunes of "Caesarian Section" is that the four guys in Deathtopia are very good musicians. They can play fast, they can play slow, they can play groovy. This is their second album after the debut "Human Anatomy Show" from 2011. The CD starts with the blasting 'Necro Massacre' and 'My Dear Donor'. Deathtopia use all the well known ingredients of a Carcass-like band: grinding drumming, speedy guitar riffs and two different growling/screaming types of vocals done by John Tiedemann (vocals/bass) and Mune Ikemon (vocals/guitars). Tracks like 'Caesarian Section' sound like taken from Carcass' debut while more melodic stuff can be found on 'Dead Smoke' and 'Back To The Torture', the latter even reminding me of Coroner to some extent with its thrashier structure. The final track on this record is called "The Last Bleeding" and it's a 3:41 minutes filled with sounds from a japanese gore movie (or at least I suppose so) that end up with an 8 second long sonic outburst in the vein of Napalm Death's 'You Suffer'.

Deathtopia's ideas and musicianship are on a very good level. What I don't like here is the sound of the guitars - they are too loud in the mix and this spoils the impression from an otherwise decent record. Besides that, if you need more Carcass-influenced bands then you should check this album by all means!

  1. Necro Massacre
  2. My Dear Donor
  3. Back To The Torture
  4. Dead Smoke
  5. Murderbation
  6. Deformity's Fate
  7. Under The Saw
  8. War-Olympics
  9. Reign From The Womb
  10. Caesarian Section
  11. The Last Bleeding