Deathtopia – Remember The Pain

Originally from Japan this four piece band is now one part Japanese and three parts Italian and now resides in Italy and has released two albums since 2010 with the last one being released in 2015. The music business is hard and cutthroat and for bands to make headway they need to maintain momentum and a three year gap is fairly long between releases though the band members are involved in other projects so maybe this is not their main day job so to speak.

I love the start of this album, which hits off with the title track, the innocuous background riff gives way to a tsunami double kick blast initiation that carpet bombs the listener as lead breaks knife the listener from all directions. The vocals are mixed with guttural low infestations melded with higher end snarls with the sound brutally dense especially the drums which pound remorselessly. 'Misophonic Crescendo' changes the style slightly by being far more melodic and it is this varying methodology I liked particularly about this EP even though it is brutishly heavy as here I felt the higher end vocal didn’t work, barked incessantly they became annoying but are a minor point. The lead work is excellent however and very Swedeath like and akin to Arch Enemy styled, At the Gates etc as the album returns to faster realms on 'Forge In Red'.  The vocal abominations reminded me of Dave Rotten (Avulsed) as the guitar tweaking are prime time Cannibal Corpse like with the tune running double kick cascades at the listener making it extremely catchy.

The EP has four re-recorded tracks one from the debut album and the other three from their sophomore. 'Gore Trader' is much heavier than the original, with a denser sound and it is really down to personal preference as to which you prefer. The three others again it is down to personal choice as the re-recordings have been cleaned up as the second album was extremely dense, with a muddy sound on the version I listened to online and the newer versions were far superior and much more intense especially 'Necro Massacre'. As a stop gap release this EP is enough to whet the appetite before a third full length which I hope will materialise soon from this quality death metal band.

  1. Remember The Pain
  2. Misophonic Crescendo
  3. Forged In Red
  4. Necro Massacre (re-recorded)
  5. Gore Trader (re-recorded)
  6. Reign From The Womb (re-recorded)
  7. Caesarean Section (re-recorded)