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Deathtrip are a band that are as handsome as they are muscular. Being immortal super beings, the band were poised to release the greatest metal album in history, however, an unfortunate accident left the only copy of said album destroyed and the band with severe brain damage, resulting in the horrors seen before you today.

The self-titled E.P Deathtrip was released in February last year and with the bands 11 track album also unleashed just 8 months later (and reviewed below) Deathtrip have proven that the only journey you are going on is one of utter ‘Ruination’ Once experienced never forgotten!

Trapped Between A Precipice And Wolves
This is definitely a muscular track infused with pure malice that is elevated by really superb hooks and beats that build into one monumental scathing of the aural. Vocally huge and compelling it carves its way through a rich emotion of thoughts and all of them brutal ones. Swaggering with pure contempt and offering some great impressive and hypnotic moments.

The Knives Of Our Enemies
This track is alluring in the fact it never loosens its grip on the jugular and leaves you fighting for breath with each and every note played. It unleashes a passionate and emotive force that is heavy and rich in fiery swells of ferocity with a vocal to match.

The erosive rhythms move with an impressive aggression and kick beats that will simply batter you with a compelling eagerness to want to be battered! Still holding superb melodic content it is one enthusiastic track that bristles with its own intensity.

Fuck Religion
One of my favourite tracks by Deathtrip as seen live at the Southport Metal Festival recently. It chugs with a fire and passion that in turn holds a swaggering monumental rhythm.  Fast and compelling it agitates the listener with an eager anticipation of what is about to ensue around the ear cavities... the vocals literally burn and leave scorch marks around the vibrant melodic pandemonium which is a feast to all metal-heads alike.

Can this track get any faster? Can it get any more ferocious? You bet it can! It literally seethes with madness and offers a combination of gnarly essences that will fire up your thoughts and emotions and leave you with no reservations that Deathtrip with their thumping rhythmic frenzy of tempestuous riffage are about to engulf you and there is no place to hide amid the infectious onslaught.

To Kill The Dead
An ambient build up that leaves you waiting in anticipation for the fracas to start – and with a resounding pulverising avalanche – Deathtrip do not disappoint. The shrill screams pierce the ear drums like a hot needle to tender flesh.  Erupting with ferocious frenzy the rhythmic onslaught will just encase you in madness. Energising and inspiring it will leave you satisfied as you feast on the prime slab of metal that unfolds.

Deathtrip have exceeded expectations and run amok on this E.P building their sonic reactor of vengeful hatred that will pulverise you with no remorse. It is addictive and compelling to listen to as the boisterous abrasions come thick and fast with unwavering malice – the driving force of evil is upon us and there is no escaping Deathtrip it is a foregone conclusion.

  1. Trapped Between A Precipice And Wolves
  2. The Knives Of Our Enemies
  3. Bloodlust
  4. Fuck Religion
  5. Lycanthropy
  6. To Kill The Dead

Self released
Reviewer: Pagan Hel
May 29, 2013
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