Deathtrip - Ruinous

Just 8 months later and Deathtrip are not giving us any respite from their gnarly and savage offerings of sheer unadulterated brutality – and show no remorse as they have released yet another CD this time in the shape of an 11 track album – these guys truly hate us... and literally want to RUINOUS!

Murderously stunning this track literally gives you a heart attack as it pulverises the senses with its stupendous thumping rhythms of savage brutality. There are some fantastic melodic moments encased within the track as it staggers under the colossal weight of thick riffs and huge vocals, and doesn’t need to prove itself.

The Cystdom
Pounding with eager ferocity it will carve you up as its rhythms and riffs hit with utter abandon and have you either running for cover or turning the volume up further to savour its encapsulating moments – I wouldn’t mind better it is the latter though! No hiding in the shadows for you metal heads Deathtrip will seek you out and rip the skin from the bone!

Vocally empowering this will swathe you in total savagery as it gets its pointed teeth into your flesh and gnaw away at you. Snarling in frenzied tones and thickening rhythms it will skull fuck and leave you for dead! But being violated by Deathtrip is however a wonderful experience.

This track doesn’t just start it barges into existence and shifts from frenzy to furious in minutes. It is frantic in energy and driving force hardly allowing you to come up for air as its huge crescendo of gripping metal will throttle you into an early grave.

Gripping and intensely brutal it succeeds in wrapping itself around you like a hungry venomous snake. Destructive with intent it will squeeze until there is no life left within your frail body. Cantankerous rhythms flurry with utter abandon, and carried by a stupendous guttural growling.

Descend Into Madness
Well I was not expecting this... deftly produced strings that do offer some respite from the utter savage brutality – but I am waiting for the onslaught to ravage the aural... Deathtrip are indeed teasing us or lulling us into a false sense of security here – no savagery to be had just a solid array of beautiful chords that offer a few minutes of delicious variation.

Note Of Hand
As I thought the respite was short lived as this track devilishly spews out more debilitating menace. It has a more ambient sound that is dark and encompassing but surprisingly offers more shrill strings – this indeed shows fantastic diversity.

Back to the mayhem and madness Deathtrip doing what they do best and ripping the head from the body with their spiteful vocal array and gnarly twisted rhythms that hit with insatiable splendour. Although this is slightly slower in tempo in certain places, but it soon makes up for it in velocity further on in the track.

Death Denied
A good pummelling starts and it swaggers under a huge dark rhythm of swelling intensity. It holds a primal instinct that simply dazzles with charisma offering melodious moments in abundance, it also houses a formidable presence of demonic evil contained within its slow and oppressive energy.

Of The Fallen
Faster than a speeding bullet it will leave a trail of dust in its wake as it feverishly garners momentum with its magnetic lure of tempting and contagious beats and acidic-like guttural vocal secretions. The jabbing intensity is like a left hook to the jaw as it does a lobotomy on the listener. It also houses an ambient dark moment further on, that is striking and intriguing with a haunting resonance and a great touch on which to end.

Eager and enthusiastic the final track blisters into life literally removing the air from the lungs with a sharp intake of breath. It will definitely leave you disorientated as the powerful grooves smack hard with brutal ferocity and tear strips of flesh from the quaking bones with stunning guitar solo from Matt Gornall of Dissectrophy.

Nasty, gnarly and downright raw, Deathtrip are out to kill, maim and crucify its audience and they do it with an untouchable quality.  It is food for thought as it not only offers the above but also some amazing diversity is contained within the stringed arrangements and so giving the listener everything their aural can take in one hit! Erosive and yet melodic embedded with pure malice – it can’t be ignored.  It ignites all the senses to a high degree of purpose and will without a doubt leave the ears ringing and wanting more of the same. It is just a high energy inferno of utter madness and mayhem that takes you on a journey – you could call it a “Deathtrip” if you like you would not be far wrong!

  1. Disseminate
  2. The Cystdom
  3. Imbibe
  4. Herne
  5. Serpentine
  6. Descend Into Madness
  7. Note Of Hand
  8. Usurper
  9. Death Denied
  10. Of The Fallen

Self released
Reviewer: Pagan Hel
May 29, 2013

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