Deathwork - Evolve To Extinguish

New EP of Italian death thrashers Deathwork. After their nice "Dissolution Of Eternity" demo worked 2 years on this EP. Fast songs that are changing tempos regularly and also not afraid to play melody in the songs. Double bassdrums are the backbone for the rasping guitarriffs. Also leads are played which is necessary in this style. Vocals are brutal but could use some high screams. The lack of originality is not offencive but they play nice tunes that are solid and hard. Nice EP for enjoyable 25 minutes.

1. Intro / Evolve to Extinguish
2. Deranged Sanity
3. The Last Defilement
4. Buried by the Dark
5. Way to the Void
6. My Own War
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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