Debauchery - Germany's Next Death Metal

What would you get if Angus Young began spewing out guttural death metal vocals?  Debauchery of course.

The Death Metal Warmachine, Debauchery, is back with their seventh release in only eigtht years. On "Germany's Next Death Metal" you won't find blast beats or keyboards on this album, only simple groovy heavy metal with death metal vocals. Debauchery has always been about groove, and that's just what you get with this release. As Thomas Gurrath described, "I tried to make the album as pure as possible: only two guitars, Marshall JCM 800, Drums, Bass, no samples, no keys."

Best track by far is "Bloodslaughter Onslaught." This track is filled with groove and a great tempo that will get the heavy metal fan's head banging. "The Unbroken" has a nice slow intro then picks up the tempo and the death metal onslaught begins. Throw in the familiar angry spoken word in the vein of, you guessed it, AC/DC and you have a mixed up mosh of metal.

After a while the album does get a bit mundane and repetitive. But, Debauchery has never been known for their originality. "Warmachines at War" of course a spinoff of AC/DC's song "Warmachine". "School Shooter" another spin off of AC/DC's "School Days"....and we can go on.

Overall, the mix of heavy metal with death metal works for them and has made them a recognizable name in death metal. They obviously don't take themselves too seriously and neither should you. Their music is meant for simple pleasure, so don't over analyze it, sit back and enjoy it for what it is: great groovy guitars, growly death vocals, excellent heavy metal guitar solos, and heavy hitting drums.

1. The Unbroken
2. Zombie Blitzkrieg
3. Warmachines At War
4. Animal Holocaust
5. Bloodslaughter Onslaught
6. Germany's Next Death Metal
7. School Shooter
8. Death Will Entertain
9. Armed For Apocalypse
10. Genocider Overkill
11. Killing Is Our Culture
12. School's Out (cover Alice Cooper, bonus track)
Reviewer: SweetSinz
Mar 7, 2011

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