Debridement - Drowning In A Cesspool Of Malform And Malady

Try imagining a bulldozer heavy sound of guitars mixed with fat bass. Add super fast blasting and relentless double bass drum beats in combination to groovy 4/4 interleaves. Finally... Add a growler that knows how to twist his vocal chords in different turns exhaling and inhaling all kinds of growls possible, a dirty and itchy production and there you have it ladies!!!

The first full length of Debridement is here ready to devour anything living and breathing. One man project here featuring mr Connor Brown known of his atrocities with Oncology. After a short intro, 'Adrenochrome' puts your head in the right place. Fat slams building up around groovy drum beats until it all goes berserk with blastbeats. The vocals are simply out of this world. Gutturals to make you shit your pants. Combined with growls sometimes but my ultimate favorite is the dual lines of growls and gutturals the same time. Simply out of this world.

Tracks proceed and you find yourself stuck in a vortex of super slammy riffs combined to brutal death metal outbursts and then back to slam again. The drum programming is excellent giving the whole outcome a demented touch. The beats occasionally do exaggerate themselves (several spots here and there where I heard some really crazy gravities, but still...) but really... you won't mind at all. Best type of drum beats for this type of brutality Debridement follow.

The tracks proceed in a tremendous pace, most of the times succeeding an intro sample. Production is really awesome aiming to give this entire thing sharpness. The sound is itchy but damn it what did you expect? Calm and warm jazz vinyl sound? Brutal shit at its finest and everything should follow the same pattern. Every instrument has its own place to the final mix but in the same time everything works together as a cohesive structure. The mastering is loud with the bass having an extended range giving the outcome the proper heaviness. Not for the feather hearted loving sweethearts out there I'm telling you.

Debridement aim in brutality and this is what you'll get out of each song separately. Besides that though, they all work together as one having a great flow. You just sit back and feel that wall of slams crush your bowels. Tracks like 'Reefer Addict', 'E.T', 'Diacomam' and 'Didn't I See Melania Trump In A Porn Mag' (hahahahaha... can't beat the title), can give you a pretty solid idea of what's gonna happen to you once the play button is pushed. Pure and raw Slamming brutal death metal all the way. Guest appearances from members of Stillbirth and Colpoclesis are just a pinch of xtra peper to spice it up. An excellent first full length from a band I was expecting nothing less.

  1. Adrenochrome
  2. Dank Mank Stankin Skank
  3. Reefer Addict
  4. Fisted Sister's Decapitated Mister
  5. E.T. (Eddie Torres Extra Testicle)
  6. Banana In The Tail Pipe
  7. Diacomam
  8. Sputum
  9. Didn't I See Melania Trump In A Porn Mag
  10. There Was Just The Torso Left