Debridement - Reduced To A Pile Of Putrefying Slot

Debridement is a one-man band from Ireland, featuring guitarist Connor from the more well known death metal band, Oncology. Connor's one man project is that of an interesting combination of down-tempo, slamming death metal, and deathgrind. All of which are polished off with some super guttural vocals perfected by Connor himself.

After a brief introductory sample from the movie 'The Big Lebowski', Debridement's EP comes into full flow with starting track 'Obliterated'. By full flow I mean chaotic grinding death metal that doesn't give any fucks. 'Obliterated' is the first track of them all to absolutely devastate throughout this short release, but it isn't until 'Bits Of Her Splattered Everywhere' plays that you know this EP is going to be short masterpiece in the realm of death metal.  Minced with some crunchy layered riffs, and the bullfrog meets poop splatter-like vocals this adds for a diverse EP as the vocals are constantly varied with many of these styles throughout.

The slammy-styled breakdowns begin to get slower as the EP progresses, enhancing the band's beast-mode within. A formidable track would be 'The Ballad Of Carlos Estevez', with Connor's burpy like vocals annihilating throughout combined with one of the most brutal breakdowns you'll hear this year. The EP title track has more of a full-on brutal death approach but still holds the band's usual normality, the song's riffs become enticing and at times hypnotising throughout.

As far as brutal death metal goes, Debridement's EP is not one to be caught amiss. If you like brutal for the hell of it, then this should be next on your list of things to listen to. Support the underground and check out this release.

  1. Obliterated
  2. Bits Of Her Splattered Everywhere
  3. Fermented Fecal Feast
  4. The Ballad Of Carlos Estevez
  5. Reduced To A Pile Of Putrefying Slop
  6. Shards Of Bone