Debridement - Vomited Forth From The Earth

Debridement is back with their new EP. The smoke from the previous one of 2016 hasn't yet faded, but the Irish hoodlums or should I say hoodlum (one man band, seem to have an endless stockpile of well played, inspirational, brutal death metal riffs, enough to form an EP.

This time mr Connor Brown called some friends to join. First song, quick intro and a slam riff breaks the silence. Heavy and majestic, until it turns into a ferocious blasting brutal death metal nightmare. Second song underway, and the slam moments are a bit more obvious here. Sets off in the usual slamming slamming manner, but the truth is that the blasting moments are truly out of this world. Great riffs, simple but itchy that get stuck into your head immediately. Mr Geoff Bradley (Oncology, Scourge Of Impalement, Chainsaw Castration etc etc) is the guest of honor here, doin a great work. Third track in and things get serious. Chris Butterworth from Kastrated is the help here. The song sums up in a nice way all we've heard so far in the previous two. Excellent slam moments giving their place to raging brutal death metal ones, forming tight songs able to drag you in their vortex.

Guest in the 4th song is mighty Jon Engman, known for his servitude in Brodequin, Liturgy and so many more bands and things now have started to get serious here. Ferocious and relentless in all its aspects. The goal here is brutality. Either slamming or blasting, Debridement manage to have it swarming in every moment. Track five and Darren Keogh is the help. The thing here is that the importance of the guests takes nothing away from the awesomeness of this EP. The songs themselves are fuckin brutal. Simple in construction and easy to remember. The kind of songs that get stuck in your head after a while. Production is typical of the genre. Swampy but loud as it should be. Two more tracks  and the EP is over. The title track and a cover on Mortician's, "Dead And Buried".

What Debridement did with this EP is establish themselves among the brutal death metal beasts that need to release their full length at some point. Excellent example of how slam and brutal death metal can co-exist with one covering for the other creating an amalgam so intact and cohesive. Highly recommended for the fans of the genre.

  1. Baptised In Colorectal Juice (Farewell To The Slop)
  2. Full On Fallopian Fungus
  3. Screwdriver Cranial Penetration
  4. The Worst Of Smells
  5. Meat Clever Fever
  6. Vomited Forth From The Earth
  7. Dead And Buried (cover Mortician)