Debt Of Nature - Crush, Kill And Burn

I really dig death metal and thrash metal and I do like death-thrash but for me it has to be done a certain way or it can be repetitive and for want of a better word boring to these ears, regardless of how well it is played/produced. Let me quantify that statement. Death-thrash can be slightly confused, the singer often feels the need to be the death half of the equation and the music does a mixture of the two and sometimes it works very well see Legion Of The Damned and sometimes it semi-works see Debt Of Nature.

That leads me to the name, at the end of the day it is just a name but what does this mean? It seems to be a little lost in translation. This album is well played, well produced death-thrash. There is not a whole lot of originality here we have the death influence and the thrash influence but as with a lot of this type of music there is nothing that stands out and grabs the listener.

Don't get me wrong, this band will appeal to a lot of fans and is by no means bad but for this listener fails to land the knock out punch.

1. 'Intro (Debt Of Nature Reprise)'
2. 'Masturbator Generator'
3. 'Crush, Kill And Burn'
4. 'Like Breeding Rats'
'5. Insalata Tarantula'
6. 'Eisenfresser'
7. 'Why I Hate'
8. 'Nightmare Of The Fashion Whore'
9. 'Blackguard'
10. 'Caterpillar Walk'
11. 'Demise Of Dementia'
12. 'Peeping Tom'
Deity Down Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Nov 3, 2010

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