Decapitated - Human Dust (DVD)

Decapitated is a band from Poland and when the band started the members were teenagers. But due to hard working and saving to buy porfessional instruments the youngster are making progress. With steady touring (when they are not at school) they score a deal with Earache and in 2000 released their debut full length “Winds Of Creation”. Followed in 2002 by "Nihility" and "The Negation" in 2004. In those years the band also recorded material on tape and that is transfered to DVD.

You can see three live shows in the original line up (their current vocalist is nowhere) and the songs from Ozzfest are also played in Krakow. Pity that those songs are doubled. The good thing is that in the 2004 show the vocalist is not only bald but a better stage performance of the band.

Watching the interviews you see relaxed guys who stand with both legs on the ground. Not joking around but have dreams to succeed and are willing to work hard to achieve them.

The video clip is not a real clip as it contains live footage.
The other bonus stuff is also placed with care and you can grab some desktop images.
The power of Decapitated is ofcourse the music and it almost came to an end in Ocotber 2007 when the band was involved in a bus accident. Vitek (drummer) didin't survived and passed away a few days later and the vocalist Covan was badly injured.
So the reason for releasing this DVD is to put an eye on the beginning of this great band and give fans a nice DVD to enjoy with lots of stuff and interesting items.

And after this praise there one thing I don't understand. Why is this DVD not dedicated to Vitek and Covan? About the whole accident there is only one line in the biography. Also no material with Covan on vocals. This would have been the ultimate gesture to honor Vitek.

But in the end this is a nice DVD, offeriing a lot and I hope the band will find the power to continue.

Live in Kraków, October 2002:
1. Nihility
2. Eternity Too Short
3. Way to Salvation
4. Spheres of Madness
5. Names
6. Winds of Creation
7. Babylon's Pride
8. Suffer the Children

Bonus video
Live at Ozzfest, Katowice, May 2002:
1. Spheres of Madness
2. Eternity Too Short
3. Babylon's Pride

Live at Metalmania Festival, Katowice, March 2004:
1. Three-dimensional Defect
2. Lying and Weak
3. Mother War
4. Sensual Sickness
5. Spheres of Madness
6. The Negation

Interview with Vitek and Vogg, Kraków, 2002
Interview with Vogg and Sauron, Ozzfest, Katowice, 2002
Interview with Sauron and Martin, Metalmania Festival, Katowice, 2004

Winds of Creation (video clip)

Also includes:
- Photo gallery
- Biography
- Discography
- Desktop images
- Weblinks
- Logo
- Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
Metal Mind Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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