Decapitated - Winds Of Creation

Decapitated, a technical death metal band from Poland lyrically and musically, offers quite a bit of talent. However, I didn't care for the vocals on 'Winds of Creation'. Sauron, the vocalist, offered little variety except low pitch growling. Now after nine years with the band, Sauron has been replaced by Coven.

The guitar riffs and solos by Vogg as well as the drums by Vitek (RIP) were the highlights of this release. Produced by Peter from the band Vader, Decapitated as a whole offers some versatility in their abilities. They did a great cover of Slayer's 'Mandatory Suicide', which was featured on their album's last track.

Nine songs and 40 minutes of superior technical death metal! It's amazing that this band was so young when this release came out. The recording itself was quite impressive with each instrument well mixed. The band currently is looking for donations because of Vitek's death plus Coven's illness.

1. Winds Of Creation
2. Blessed
3. The First Damned
4. Way To Salvation
5. The Eye Of Horus
6. Human's Dust
7. Nine Steps
8. Dance Macabre
9. Mandatory Suicide (cover Slayer)

Wicked World
Reviewer: Death8699
Aug 8, 2010

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