Decayed Flesh - Eternal Misery

Indonesian brutal death metal newcomers hop onto the scene as 'Into Eternity' offers a promising introduction entry to Decayed Flesh's latest album, "Eternal Misery". Setting the tone with an eerie atmospheric build-up of melodic riffs, you wouldn't actually believe this was about to explode into pots n' pans styled drumming and brutal slamming riffs. It isn't until second track in where things really kick in as 'Abyss Of Misery' bellows grunts and growls from the get-go.

'Desperate Soul' is a nasty, punishing death metal anthem fuelled with frantic riffs and possibly the best vocal array within the record, and whilst it's often difficult to tell between these tracks, one thing is for sure and that's that Decayed Flesh are great at providing meat and potatoes brutal death metal. A lack of modern production was perhaps purposely thought of among these tracks, but it unfortunately lets Decayed Flesh slip through the gaps in the underground market at the moment where it possibly cannot compete with their peers releasing records that aim for the same crowd. Whilst an average brutal album in general, true death metal heatseekers will gobble this up like a Christmas turkey fresh from the oven.

3 / 5 STARSĀ 


1. Into Eternity
2. Abyss Of Misery
3. Desperate Soul
4. Sclerosis
5. Psychiatric Illness
6. Omnipotent Hypocrisy
7. Madness
8. Endless Anxiety
9. Eternal Suffering
10. Insidious Delusion