Decayed - Hexagram

Decayed is primordial blackness from Lisbon, Portugal.  Hexagram is an offering of 80's style of metal... only black.  Definitely for fans of Venom, and any other misplaced black metal bands.  Excellent production actually don't take away from the cruelty of the songs, which is a surprising twist.  Clear, Heavy, but still have that dirty raw sound that is so mandatory with this kind of music.  This band is a mesh of 2 of my favorite bands as far as sound is concerned.  Venom and Fetish 69.  I'm quite sure most of you have heard of the 1st band.  At any rate, Hexagram is a whip ass release and if you like old school black metal supremacy then buy this cod or pronounce yourself gay and a poser!  In other words I recommend you get this!  Spikes, Leather, and Bullets!!!!!

1. Prologue
2. Moonrise
3. Demoniac Gathering
4. Ceremonial Cleansing
5. Ancient Rituals
6. The Invocation
7. Burnt Offerings
8. Feast Of The Accursed
9. Into Realms Unseen
10. Departure
11. Epilogue
12. Detroyer
13. Spikes, Leather And Bullets
Folter Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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