Decayed - The Black Metal Flame

BlackSeed Productions from Spain has found another black metal band to release a nice album. This time they have signed the Lusitanian (Portugal) fuckers of Decayed. The band is around since 1990 and it is not strange that they have a lot of releases on their name. Decayed released it all: demos, tapes, singles, EPs, splits, studio and live albums and with "The Black Metal Flame" they released their 7th official full length. On this album you hear 7 new tracks and as a bonus two covers (of Bathory and Ramones) and the songs of the sold out EP "Hell-Witch" from 2007.

With a title of "The Black Metal Flame" they suggest to keep the black metal flame burning. And Decayed do with playing old school black metal. Raw and deep growling vocals like Quorthon or Cronos did. Simple but effective guitar riffing creating dwelling rhythms and now and then you hear a venomous lead escaping. Bass and drums provide a steady base and they are also not too difficult to follow.
The main focus is on melodic mid tempo structure and to have a blast now and then. So Decayed is playing on safe and don't want to compete in the fastest bm ever but creating nice haunting songs and sometimes you hear a rock n roll rhythm for the groove and thrash parts.

For the bonus songs you hear their EP and two covers. In the history of Decayed they are not afraid of doing covers and you can find a lot of them like Motorhead, Sodom, Exodus, Venom, AC/DC or Celtic Frost. On "The Black Metal Flame" you hear Bathory and the Ramones. Both of the songs tradionally covered. "The Black Metal Flame" is a nice album for the old school black metal fans who like it pure, raw, simple and aggressive.

1. Descent..._Onslaught The Holy Flock
2. Blood Of The Altar
3. Mistress And Luxury
4. Hordes Of The Antichrist
5. ...Invernah..._Slaughter Of The Righteous
6. Endless
7. Hatred Within (Burning)_...Arrival
8. Blitzkrieg Bop (cover Ramones)
9. Hell-Witch (Bonus Track)
10. ... And Ancient Spirit (Bonus Track)
11. City Of The Horned One (Bonus Track)
12. You Don't Move Me (I Don't Give A Fuck) (cover Bathory) (Bonus Track)
13. Under The Banner (Bonus Track)

BlackSeed Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 2, 2010

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