Decaying - Defenestrated

Hailing from France, this is a brutal death metal collective obsessed with some slamming riffs and compressed guitar work. The let down for this effort is the vocals. These are basically incomprehensible; it’s as if the microphone is lodged in the “singers” throat. Musically, it’s the usual boring slamming, hyper fretboard approach, with blast beats here and there. Not to mention a splattering of defilement in the song titles.

Other than that, it’s a same old release from this brutal death metal genre, horrid guttural regurgitations, chaotic arrangements, pinch harmonics, and a complete disregard for anything remotely melodic. Musically, individually, it’s palatable, but for the track arrangements, I could take it or leave it, the latter being the more realistic decision encountered time after time when I listen to this effort. The opening tune is a most relevant description.

  1. Suffering Of Disgrace
  2. Aggressive Soul
  3. Defenestrated
  4. Lunatic Human
  5. Immolation
  6. Eternal Sacrifice

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Sep 4, 2011

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