Decaying - Devastate

In the tradition of old school death metal and doom overtones, Decaying reigns supreme. The album opens with the song “Strangled”. With this song, Decaying shows that they are a powerhouse metal band with pulsating rhythms, screaming guitars and deep guttural vocals. The next song, “The Aftermath” starts with a slow dirge like opening with some excellent guitar work, double bass drums and chunky bass. Then it kicks into an all out slam fest beat. Nothing is left to the imagination then it goes back into the slow dirge with vocals. This song is like riding a rollercoaster to hell. The next song, “As The Fire Burns” explodes from the first note and doesn’t let up with it’s devastating beat. The next song “Annihilation”, well, the song title sums it up. “New Order” is a straight forward head banging song. If you can’t bang your head to this you are dead hahahaha! The album winds up with “…To Decay” which again rides the rollercoaster of heavy doom overtones to faster death melodies to doom again.

If you are a fan of Chuck (R.I.P.) and Death or any death metal this album will not disappoint. It is refreshing to hear a band such as this who is extremely tight musically with deep vocals which can be understood. This album is a must have!

  1. Strangled
  2. The Aftermath
  3. As The Fire Burns
  4. Annihilation
  5. New Order
  6. ...To Decay