Decaying - Encirclement

This is a band from Finland who plays a supreme brand of old school death metal. They take everything unhallowed by say Asphyx, mix in a bit of early Death (‘Scream Bloody Gore’; and ‘Leprosy’) and not forgetting the final course which is a topping of Autopsy inspired nastiness. Yes, rather than being another Entombed clone, Decaying play rotten to the core bare bones death metal. Every guitar runs is shattering, every unearthly scream and wail is bone tingling, and this is the bands second release in as many years, so with this much on offer, why are we all not talking about Decaying?

‘Operation Citadel’ opens the album proper; this really sets the tone for the release. This is a recording that is laid down perfectly, the mix is just right, the arrangements keep you entertained, but they certainly do not let you forget that you are listening to unholy passages of pure death metal mite. War maybe the lyrical theme and many will compare to two notable bands that deal in this field, where Decaying have raised the bar is clear on songs like ‘Artillery Barrage’, it does what is says on the tin, the snare sound is a little hollow, but that does not deter the listening experience. ‘On the Path of Subjugation’ is slow heavy Asphyx worship; this is good, powerful and relevant to today’s music scene. With this and their relation to today’s music scene, ‘From the Cradle to the Grave’ does not take any safe bets, there is a splash of melodic guitar tones, but not to fear, the undertone of war death metal stills gies you a bloody good battering, and this is well over seven minutes of genius.

All in all, Decaying are an exciting band, they have something to say, their music is rather timeless, they have learnt their craft well, the arrangements are brimming with authenticity and raw talent, and this is a pretty perfect start to the year for quality death metal releases.

  1. Initiation (instrumental)
  2. Operation Citadel
  3. From The Cradle To The Grave
  4. Artillery Barrage
  5. Battle Of The Somme
  6. Conclusion
  7. On The Path Of Subjugation
  8. The Hell Of Verdun
  9. Public Enlightenment
  10. The Rising Sun