Decaying Form - Chronicles Of Decimation

Nothing like this record to remind you of how quickly man can go from top to bottom of the food chain! Listening to "Chronicles Of Decimation" by Decaying Form I can feel the flesh-eating scarabs fiending over the opportunity to dine on my succulent human flesh.

Decaying Form are a whirling dervish straight out of the land of the devil himself, Tasmania, way down under, with their first full-length preceded by a demo released in 2005. This album would be a lot of fun to pay "musical chairs" to with all its precision stops and starts -- vox that gurgle like you got tapeworms down deep in the pit of your intestines and full of unholy harmonies on guitar that would be pleasant to the ear if they were not so unnervingly razor-sharp!!! Yeah, they meant to do that all right, and if you are a fan of grindcore, this is an absolute must-have!!!

1. Putridity In Disarray - With Ruin Comes Rotting
2. Feeding Organism - Corporal Beings Engulfed
3. Necrotic Consumption - Disgorging The Remnants
4. Devouring The Infestations - Emasculating Self-Immunity
5. Exhumed Monolith - Mounds Of Human Decomposition
6. Vivisection Of Gods - Image Of Man Disemboweled
7. Immolated Desecrations - The Repugnant Seed
8. Re-Decapitation - Cycle Of Extermination
9. Purulent Secretions - Pus Spewing From Syphilitic Spores
10. Worming Existence - A Masticating Monstrosity
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Reviewer: mykke
Feb 26, 2009
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