Decaying Purity - Malignant Resurrection Of The Fallen Souls

I remember the first time when I heard "Phases Of Dimensional Torture", the debut album of Turkey's brutal death metallers Decaying Purity. I was impressed by their pretty brutal sound influenced by names such as Broken Hope, Deeds Of Flesh, Disavowed, Disgorge etc. Together with Cenotaph, this band was the heaviest Turkish band that I have ever come upon. Seven years later Decaying Purity are still actively splitting skulls and their third full-length album "Malignant Resurrection Of The Fallen Souls" is released by the well known US brutal death metal label Sevared Records.

First of all, speaking of the new Decaying Purity record, I must mention the cover artwork. It looks like a medieval painting filled with many figures and tiny details. Good artwork beyond any doubt. What about the music? Well, Decaying Purity stay true to their music and serve you ten bloody pieces of technical brutal death metal. The drumming of Onur Gazioglu proves that the guy is a very talented musician and not only is capable of using the blastbeats but also he adds groove and variety into the drumbashing. He makes lots of tempo changes that keeps Decaying Purity's music away from becoming boring. Mustafa Gurcalioglu is the one responsible for the guitar/bass riffs and what you'll hear from him is fast and technical playing without any guitar leads. He's not only powerfully shredding the strings but he also includes several melodic lines amongst the heavy riffing like in the tracks "Ominous Skies Over the Blessed Ones" and "Infernal Restrains Over Purgatory". The final track "Martial Voices From Nothingness" demonstrates interesting bass lines along guitar riffs that lay more into the field of oldschool death metal compared to the rest ultra-technical tunes. Serkan Niron's vocals are deep and guttural, he reminds me of Ross Dolan from Immolation but with deeper grunts. Unfortunately his voice is also quite monotonous and gets quite boring after a while.

As a whole Decaying Purity are offering a solid slab of brutal death metal which offers nothing new under the sun. This stuff is love it or hate it. This is well played brutal death metal played by experienced musicians but is also something that I have heard thousands of times. In case you don't have enough of this music in your collection, this CD is a good choice.

1. Declaration Of The Endless Wrath
2. Sodomized Entities Of Holiness
3. Everlastind Hell In Sanctity
4. Ominous Skies Over The Blessed Ones
5. Unearthly Creation From The Depths
6. Conquer, Dethrone And Slay
7. Infernal Restraints Over Purgatory
8. Capture The Sanctimonious Souls
9. Ancestry Of The Forsaken
10. Martial Voices From Nothingness