Decaying Purity - Phases Of Dimensional Torture

Formed in 2005, Decaying Purity come from Istanbul, Turkey and “Phases of Dimensional Torture” is their debut, spine-breaking & corpse-molesting album!

In 2006 they release their “rehearsal promo 2006” and in 2-year time they sign to Grotesque Productions and release this concrete savage shit….

We’re talking about pure brutal death metal here; full-speed blast beats, rotten vocals, hellish razor-riffing and macabre atmosphere in general! Suffocation, Brodequin, Deeds of Flesh and Morbid Angel are obvious influences for these Turks - some times you really think you’re listening to an album of one above, but it’s their 1st album god damn it….. It’s a fact; Decaying Purity gives us a great piece of brutality out of nowhere! I’m sure, having absorbed their influences; their next release will kick some serious ass even more! Those guys are drowning in death-stench!  Very Fucking Brutal……

1. Intro
2. Phases Of Dimensional Torture
3. Atrocious Execution
4. Causing Mass Carnage
5. Create The Torso With A Hatchet
6. Exhume, Baptize And Burry
7. Mass Decapitation
8. Drowning By Sense Of Perversion
9. They Were Raped In Quarantine
10. Hemorrhoids Throat
11. Punish The Deceptive Severely
12. Increasing Deformations
Grotesque Productions
Reviewer: Iakhos
Feb 26, 2009

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