Deceiver - Deceiver

Formed in 2004 to create a band that would honour the old band heroes from the 80s. Not just copy but just to play music in that tradition. Do I still have to mention those bands? Well remember Motorhead, Venom and Metallica. Just straight forward music described as thrashing heavy metal together with the obligated lyrics about women, iron and blood. 5 Tracks that have energy, tempo, recognition, beer, headbangheadache and airguitar in it. A MCD that is easy listening, not original but just fun to listen to. No nonsence!

1. Deceiver
2. Hey woman
3. Ironsweet
4. Blessed with a lust for blood
5. Cold sweat, shaking bones
Iron Fist Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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