Deceiver - Riding With The Reaper

Deceiver (Sweden) put on their leatherpants they bought in the eighties and recorded this disk. Totally sticking to the sound and atmosphere of old demonic heavy metal with influences of thrash and early blackmetal. Songs are straightforward and although the production is really clear they still manage to keep the old school feeling by creating powerfull riffs with both melody and brutality. All of this is recognizable enforced with vocals that are raw and aim for power...raise your horns.

1. Crown of deceit
2. Raise your horns
3. Sinners congregation
4. Riding with the reaper
5. Slay the rainbow
6. God of dead
7. She - Ghost
8. Cover the wounds
9. Mexican thunder
10. Destroy 'em all
Iron Fist Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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