December - Praying Hoping Nothing

This album (1998) is now rereleased by Earache with 4 unreleased bonus tracks. These tracks (11-14) are more interesting for me, besides the Skunk one haha. Vocals are shouting aggressive. Nice drumming. Their own tunes are hardcore metalcore based. Not doubting their musical skills but the songs have too much interrupted guitarriffing and tempobeats that irritates me. For the real metalcore freaks this album is worth checking out.

1. Umbilical
2. Heaven below
3. 8 Years
4. Monuments collapse
5. Proximity
6. Mouthfull of sand
7. Shard
8. Hatebridge
9. 1 Of 2
10. Lifelike (almost)
11. Selling jesus (cover Skunk Anansie)
12. Seemingly endless time (cover Death Angel)
13. Ace of spades (cover Motorhead)
14. Hidden track
Earache Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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