Deceptionist – Initializing Irreversible Process

Featuring former members of Hideous Divinity, this is the debut release from Italian death metallers Deceptionist. “Initializing Irreversible Process” is a fantastic debut and a near perfect modern death metal album.

The album has a dark dystopian biochemical theme and brings to mind the imagery of movies like Alien, Terminator and the Matrix etc. Musically it mixes the technicality of Decapitated and the brutality of traditional death metal and the band through in some nice industrial undertones. Nothing too much but it just has some subtle hints and it complements the mechanical feeling of the album as well as the science fiction theme. For example take the track 'When Humans Begin To Be Machines' with the sound effects thrown in. Think of classic Fear Factory if they did a straight ahead death metal album and you will get a track like 'The Confession' which also has a blistering duel guitar solo. A highlight and by far the catchiest is 'Industrivolutionaction' which captures the band perfectly.

This is an awesome debut and yet another fine example of how healthy the death metal scene is on a world wide scale. It qualifies for album of the year and I’ve found myself saying that quite often in 2016. There is so much going on. A prime example of a modern death metal album should be like, striking the perfect balance of being rooted in the classic era while looking ahead and pushing forward.

  1. It's Just Begun
  2. Through The Veil
  3. Quest For Identity
  4. When Humans Begin To Be Machines
  5. Final Innovation - Automatic Time
  6. The Confession
  7. Irreversible Process
  8. Sunshine
  9. Industrivolutionaction
  10. Operator Nr 3