Decimation - Bound For The Chamber

From Cornwall in the United Kingdom hails a band that feels they should take on the big boys of death metal…well in this bands case I applaud them, ‘Bound for the Chamber’ is a well-rounded slab of classic death metal in the vein of the great Cannibal Corpse, Decrepid Birth and other similar artists. The guitar precision is clear right from the opener ‘Utter Chaos Reigned’ in which there is plenty to keep a smile on your face and pain about your neck.

Extremity backed with technicality is a perfect blend of accolades and a track such as ‘Ineffective’ personifies those traits to Decimation (UK) ingeniously. This is a strange choice of track name in this context as it throws a 180 degree turn without a second thought, this is very effective. Intricate and deft musical precision is something I’ve touched upon earlier, but it’s worth repeating, it IS ultra-stylistic and thus makes ‘Bound for the Chamber’ on hell of an album. The vocals are perfect for the style as they are both crushing and legible at the same time, but for me it’s the guitar riffs that are endlessly battering you are what keeps me hooked to this slab of ‘Revulsion’. If you heard a previous band offering, a split with four other UK Bands including; Basement Torture Killings, Foetal Juice, Nailed and Zombified, then you will know what to expect. For the uninitiated, get a hold of this bands material this instant!

I don’t feel I need to go further, if you want brutal US styled death metal with a genuine talent of its own rather than becoming a cover band, then Decimation (UK) are the band of choice to hold dear and I wait with baited breath to see their progress, as it is only a matter of when, not if, they go onto bigger and better things. This is a debut album of such quality, it took other notable bands took two or three releases to perfect this level of marksmanship and so it proves that this band is right on the money with their first full length offering and should surely ensure the band remains at the forefront of their respective field for some time to come.

  1. Utter Chaos Reigned
  2. Desiring The Dead
  3. Ineffective
  4. Depopulate
  5. Revulsion
  6. Expelled To The Furnace
  7. Bound For The Chamber
  8. Honour Killing
  9. Degrade The Body
  10. Paraphilia
  11. The Proliferation
  12. Slave To Faith

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 12, 2013

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