Deem Index – Vain Void

A hybrid of death metal, thrash, melodic death metal, old school and modern metal, if that seems ridiculous to you then I assure you it certainly isn’t as Deem Index’s “Vain Void” EP proves to be a swift hit to the nuts mashing these sub-genre components in to one big metal fest. The EP presents 5 tracks all at a decent length ranging from 3:30-6:00 minutes where guitar harmonies, thrash riffs, Carcass-esque vocals and more induce your ears in to molten goo. The EP is definitely good and I give credit for the band introducing all these sub genres in to one, however it doesn’t really serve as anything new. This isn’t really much of a criticism though as it sounds great and catches you from start to finish.

Instrumentation is the highlight of this EP, wicked riffs and stellar drumming is what drives this record with thriving harmonies and riffs picked appropriately from each influence the band has with melodic riffs, thrash riffs, death riffs etc. Vocals as mentioned before, sound very Carcass orientated with the raspy shouts prominent through every song, I had no problem at all with this vocal style however it would’ve been nice to throw some lows in there, the song ‘Hybernesia’ however involves some clean vocals which was a nice touch to the melodic side of the band and fit in well with the overall appeal of the album.

This album is an awesome mesh of multiple sub genres with not necessarily anything to new offer, but a kickass experience to listen to start to finish. The band’s Facebook offers a quote describing them accurately which is “metal, nothing more, nothing less”.

Self released
Reviewer: Samuel Worsfold

Dec 23, 2014

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Deem Index – Vain Void

  1. Nihility In Equivalence
  2. Pandemonium As A Virtue
  3. Silver On Parchment
  4. Hybernesia
  5. Inexorable Time

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