Deep Desolation - Rites Of Blasphemy

This is an eight track masterpiece from Polish back metal band Deep Desolation and is an absolute belter of a release. Over fifty five minutes of great black, doom metal with some top playing and some epic pieces on it. The first track gets us under way and it sets the tone, a great repetitive riff that reeks evil and some great nasty, raspy vocals and what a title, “Between the Tits of a Witch”, what better way to start an album!!  This band have been going since 2009 and this is their second full length and I love it, really dark, nasty feel to it. The band are all top of the tree musicians in my opinion and Markiz on lead and Meriath on rhythm excel. Meriath is also the vocalist and Pioran on bass and Wilku the drummer add the engine room to this great band. They certainly have doom element to their music and it adds to a nice different style of black metal, certainly a bit of a change from the run of the mill black metal you hear a lot off.

The album cracks on a good pace and is different enough to keep you interested throughout, no filler on here although the instrumental “Intermezzo” is probably the weakest track on the whole release but it is less than two minutes long so we can forgive them that! My personal favourites are “Blasphemous Rites” which has an epic doom laden riff which give it a really evil feel to it, and the epic “Mroczny Hymn” which is over eleven minutes long and an absolute top track with some great playing and just makes you want more!! It has some groove style riffs in it that lets you see this band are not just a black metal band, they certainly bring more to the table than that.

Well this was my first meeting with Deep Desolation but I can certainly tell you it wont be my last, this is an epic release and has some really great touches to it, it really is a bit different to the normal black metal stuff that I listen to, I probably don’t listen to enough doom but this band with their doomy touches may make me check out some more doom bands. Can’t recommend them highly enough, buy it now!!!


  1. Between The Tits Of A Witch
  2. Searching For Yesterday
  3. Intermezzo
  4. Blasphemous Rite
  5. Mroczny Hymn
  6. Cuius Regio_Eius Religio
  7. I Became Your God
  8. Necromouth

Reviewer: donnieaural
Nov 19, 2012

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