Defeated Sanity – Disposal Of The Dead/Dharmata

This is a very interesting concept to say the least. Defeated Sanity has been kicking around since 1994 and has a pretty solid body of work under their belts. This time around instead of a full album we get two separate EP’s and separate in every way.  Two different concepts and style "Disposal…" is all out brutality and the second EP "Dharmata" is technical and progressive. To use Death as an example on EP is "Leprosy" and the other is "Sound Of Perseverance"! The cherry on the cake with this is that we get a different vocalist on each EP. On "Disposal…" Konstantin Luhring returns and on "Dharmata" we have Max Phelps who is mainly known as being the front man on the touring Death tribute "Death To All".

To It’s such a simple yet effective idea and (to my knowledge) no one else has done it and it’s amazing how the band have pulled it off. I thought it might come on 2 separate discs but it come on one but as soon "Dharmata" starts on track 7 it’s like a completely different band. Even down to the playing styles. The playing is impeccable by all members throughout the both EP’s of course.

To top it all off where you get five tracks on each it’s all killer and no filler. Definitely pick this up as it’s one of the more original death metal albums of recent times and it’s one where you can truly say there’s something for everyone!

  1. Remotio Mortuorum
  2. Into The Soil
  3. Consuming Grief
  4. Generosity Of The Deceased
  5. Suttee
  6. The Bell
  7. Dharmata
  8. The Mesmerizing Light
  9. At One With Wrath
  10. The Quest For Non-Existence
  11. Return To Samsara