Defeated Sanity - Passages Into Deformity

You get pushed down the stairs only to have a personal face to face meeting with the concrete below. As you gasp for air in mid flight you slam into the floor so hard you break the bridge of your nose. Your lungs seize and fill with blood as the person who shoved you kicks you in the ribs. After a massive adrenaline rush you sweep the persons legs out from under them. As you mount their body you start to bludgeon their face with whatever strength you've been able to muster. No this isn't a dream... you just heard Passages Into Deformity. German's brutal death masters Defeated Sanity raise the bar yet again with their fourth full length on Willowtip Records. 

When you realize a band has out done themselves again your ears are left in disbelief. This album will pull you in different directions but never over complicate the flow of the music. Some sections put you on a bullet ride with ripping guitars, guttural vocals and relentless blast beats. The drummer really shows you that he can do more than just grind and be brutal. Not only can he intermix gravity blasts with traditional blasts, he can also add tons of groove and off time jazz sections in the same song. He probably has one of the most coveted snare sounds in the brutal death/slam genre. The hits are so hard and tight, they just pierce your cranium. Absolutely perfect drum production and honestly the whole record is beyond well rounded. If you don't have a bassist you might try and kid nap Jacob Schmidt. I swear this guy ties the band together so well. While adding the crushing low end he also has these mid tempo to fast runs that connect the fast riffs with the slow riffs and vice versa. Not to mention his tone is so defined and crisp. I wouldn't want a thumb war with this guy. The guitar riffs and song structure have always been superb but this album really raises the bar in that regard. Everthing flows so well in and out of each other while ripping your brain apart at the same time. If you haven't caught eight flies in your mouth by the end of this, then you need to clean your ears. The vocalist switches up pitches and intensity to suit each different section within the song. Such a well balanced vocal attack so the song isn't smothered with screams. Although the second you get a groovy break prepare to get pounded into dust right there after.

So your boss just ripped you a new one after a long day? Put this on for your drive home and keep your eyes on the road. You might accidently start head banging and miss the brake. This album is not for the faint of heart.


1. Initiation
2. Naraka
3. Verblendung
4. Lusting For Transcendence
5. The Purging
6. Verses Of Deformity
7. Perspectives
8. Frenzy
9. Martyrium